Our society depends on electricians for keeping our homes warm and bright. While the demand for electricians is always high, there are still a lot of misconceptions about what electricians do.

Here are 5 common misconceptions about electricians that you need to be aware of:

1. You don’t need an education to become an electrician

Lots of people think that they can do a bit of home rewiring themselves without the help of a qualified electrician. This is a common misconception which is completely not true and very unsafe!

To qualify as an electrician requires an industry-recognised qualification which is undertaken during an apprenticeship lasting between 2-4 years. 

The apprentice also has block release at college with coursework and a final test at the end in order to qualify. This means that the trainee is exposed to lots of jobs making them very experienced and safe.

Attempting to do it yourself puts you at risk of overloading and starting a fire. Always call a qualified electrician to help.

2. Electrical work is really dangerous

As mentioned above, a career in electrical work requires years of training and experience so electricians learn exactly how to carry out their duties as safely as possible.

Their training will include safety protocols and the usage of equipment to lessen the risk of being shocked or otherwise injured.

3. Electricians are all men

Historically, jobs within the trade industry were often viewed as a ‘man’s job’, but thankfully these kinds of stereotypes are now being broken down.

While women currently make up a small percentage of electricians in the UK, this number is increasing. The key to improving the overall picture is to provide more avenues for women into the industry such as apprenticeships or college courses.

4. They never finish the job when they say they will

Sometimes jobs take longer than initially planned because of the complexity of the work or new unexpected problems crop up.

It does not benefit electricians to take longer than planned on a job as they want to complete the job and move on to the next. So, while it is possible that a job will run over, the electrician is simply making sure the job is done safely and properly before moving on to the next.

5. They charge what they want

Any qualified, professional electrician should charge a fair and honest quote before any work is started. However, if a new problem arises which was unknown before the job began then there might be an additional charge.

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