A home renovation is an ideal time to look at how you can change things up a little with the electrical system, as well. In many older homes, you’ll find the electrical installation is outdated, so a rewiring service is an excellent idea.

If you’re not sure that you need rewiring, have a domestic electrician perform an electrical safety test to be sure the system is safe. If it still meets regulations, you can simply add to it and make your home more useful. However, if the system does not pass the electrical safety test, you’ll need to redo the wiring in your home to prevent dangers such as fires.

Once you have decided to make some upgrades to your electrical system, it’s time to think about what you actually want in your home. Here are some of the more popular changes people like to make during a home renovation.

More Sockets

It’s quite rare to find a house that has enough sockets for everyone in the home. You should consider adding a few more in the most used areas of your home. A good example of this is in the kitchen, where you’re more likely to need extra electrical outlets for appliances and such. If you’re tired of constantly switching out appliances so they can all be plugged in, or worse, only being able to use one at a time because the breaker flips otherwise, it’s time to fix that issue.

Something else you should consider is the need for updated sockets. They should match what you need now, but also what you’ll need in a decade. Extra sockets should be used in rooms that are used for home offices or will be rooms for children. Outdoor sockets are also a good idea, since you may want to have music or other electrical items on the patio.

Surge Protectors

You may have surge protectors on your power strips, but what if you added them to the entire house? This simply protects your electronics and appliances from being ruined if there is a power surge. You can plug directly into the wall without worrying that your equipment will be destroyed.

Since certain products are more sensitive to power surges than others, you will appreciate whole house protection from surges. This electrical installation will pay for itself in no time.

Charger Stations

With everyone owning at least one or two devices, chargers can be in short supply around the house. A simple method of ensuring no one steals your charger is to set up a couple of charging stations. These will allow everyone to charge at once and there’s no need to fight over the cables and chargers.

However, your devices aren’t the only things that need to be charged. If you own an electric or hybrid vehicle, you’ll need an EV charger out in the garage or outside, as well. The addition of a proper charger for your car will help you keep it charged up all the time and it can also raise the value of the home should you wish to sell in the future.

Adjustable Switches

Your lighting has a lot to do with how a room feels and can even affect your mood. A simple way to create a better lighting system in your home is to just change the light switches for adjustable dimmer switches. This will easily allow you to change the lighting to suit the situation at the moment. For example, bright lights for homework and a lower light for a cocktail party.

CCTV System

If you want to increase the security in your home, you may wish to add CCTV cameras and wire everything into the house while you are doing the renovation. A domestic electrician should be able to set this up for you and it will give you peace of mind to see exactly what is going on around your house.

The cameras may be set up outside and inside the house in public areas. This will give you a good idea of what is going on and you can record everything for evidence if there is a burglary. It’s a good way to enhance your security system and ensure your family stays safe.

Power Shower

Ever wished you had better water pressure? With a power shower, you can boost the power of your water to create a very pleasant bathing experience.

A power shower essentially mixes your hot and cold water together. While this is the same as a regular mixer shower, there’s one notable difference. The power shower has an additional pump that will boost that water pressure and give you the shower you’ve been dreaming of.

LED Lighting

Many areas of the home can be illuminated with LED lights, which will reduce your energy bills and provide better lighting options. A simple example is the addition of LED strips to the baseboards of a home. This provides a gentle light at night and doesn’t require overhead lights at all. It’s a simple adjustment, but one that can make your home much safer for everyone at night, as they can see where they’re going. A trip to the bathroom is much easier for even small children like this.

Outdoor Lighting

It’s important to have enough light outside your home. Not only is this an excellent deterrent to burglars, but it can also reduce the risks that come from walking along a path in the dark. You will get home safely and should be able to navigate the path and any steps easily.

In addition, outdoor lights can be set up on a motion sensor, which activates only when you are walking. It’s possible to choose solar lights, as well, so the sun powers them up during the day and they glow all night long. Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to have LED lights throughout the house and they use minimal electricity.

Wireless Thermostats

You can also have the electrician install a wireless thermostat. You can easily control this from your phone with a special app and this allows you to set the temperature while you’re away from home. You can turn up the heat before you arrive and you can change the temperature while you’re lying in bed at night, without needing to get up at all. It’s a great way to improve your lifestyle and can help reduce your energy bills, as well, since you can leave the temperature neutral throughout the day and adjust it before you get home.

Smart Home Additions

A smart home is one that takes on much of the hard work of the house for you. It’s usually run by a central system, such as Google Home. You simply connect your switches and sockets to the internet with smart sockets. Then, when everything is set up, you may simply tell the house what to do.

The system will turn on lights, turn them off, start appliances and generally manage everything with just voice or phone commands. This makes your life much easier.

Before you make any changes to your home, you should talk to your construction contractor and find out if they are able to add in some electrical installations. If you do a quick online search for “electrical companies near me,” you should turn up some options. The contractor may already have experience working with one of these companies, or you can bring in your own domestic electrician for the rewiring service.

Electrical installation should always be handled by a certified electrician. You want to be sure everything is as safe as possible and fits regulations. This will increase your property value, not only in price over time but also in the ease of living in a home where you can actually do what you wish.

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