A closed-circuit television system, or CCTV for short, is a vital and highly effective safety measure utilised by both commercial and domestic properties to improve the safety and security of a particular business or property. Below, we analyse five essential benefits of CCTV camera systems offering reasons as to why you should consider installing them on your premises.

Prevent Theft

Arguably the most important role CCTV camera systems play in commercial industries, these systems act as a strong deterrent for trespassers and criminals, helping to prevent theft from occurring at your place of business. An operational CCTV camera system will discourage thieves from targeting your business as the risk of getting caught will be much higher. CCTV cameras can be installed both internally and externally to help prevent theft from happening across your entire site.

Deter Vandals

As an extension of the above, installing or updating a CCTV camera system at your place of business will not only prevent criminals from stealing but will also deter those who intend to vandalise or damage your commercial property. A visible CCTV camera across your place of business will prevent criminal behaviour from happening on-site, reducing the risk of vandalising and property damage.

Capture Evidence

The reason CCTV camera systems act as such a strong deterrent for criminals intending to access your commercial property is due to their ability to capture video evidence of any and all ongoings that take place on your premises. CCTV systems capture video footage of intruders, as well as the criminal act they are performing, therefore providing unquestionable and unfiltered evidence of the break-in or vandalism.

Monitor Performance

Installing an effective CCTV camera system at your place of business or commercial property won’t just deter criminal behaviour, it will also act as a means to track employee performance, attendance and behaviour, should it be necessary. For example, should a timekeeping issue be reported, CCTV footage can be assessed to provide evidence for both the employee and the employer to analyse.

Improve Safety

A key benefit of installing an effective, fully operational CCTV camera system at your commercial property is the ability to monitor and ultimately improve the safety and wellbeing of your workforce. CCTV cameras can capture footage of employees carrying out tasks at work, providing evidence of the accident or injury, and offering insight into if safety guidelines were followed during the process. Equally, this evidence can be used to initiate the improvement of safety standards.

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