Given the small minority of rogue electricians in Loughton and around, the risks of falling victim to one are high. You must recognise a registered and trustworthy electrician to enjoy safe electrical repair and installation work at home and in the office. Experts have coined a term to denote this group: NICEIC electricians.

An abbreviation of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting, they constitute a fully qualified electrical contractor responsible for meeting the rigorous requirements of the UK’s leading certification body for the electrical contracting sector. Hiring one implies involving an electrical professional who works while prioritising safety and quality.

While it’s voluntary for electrical testers, repairers and installers to enrol with NICEIC, competent and conscientious contractors feel it’s a priority to enrol. It’s no surprise to witness over 25,000 contractors from the UK and Northern Ireland registering with the organisation! Owing to the importance given to the regulatory body by both homeowners and electricians in Loughton, it makes one wonder what is so special about it.

Today, as we unveil the advantages of hiring a NICEIC-approved electrician for a domestic or commercial project, gear up to explore every possible reason to involve one for electrical emergencies, testing and maintenance of properties.

The Key Advantages of Involving a NICEIC Electrician

It might be tempting to choose a non-qualified electrician by looking at the cheap rates charged but think about your peace of mind. It’s likely to be hampered, given the subpar standard of workmanship. Why endure such challenges when you are assured of the following by partnering with a NICEIC-approved electrician in Loughton?

  • Safety and Competence

Unlike ordinary electricians, NICEIC-approved electricians are regularly assessed to ensure they are competent and well-capable in meeting the necessary safety and technical standards while following the codes of practice and rules set by the NICEIC Building Regulations Schemes.

  • Compliance

When hiring an electrical contractor registered with NICEIC, property owners no longer need additional approval from the local building control body. NICEIC-approved electrical contractors self-certify their work to save the time and money of property owners. They hand out Part P certificates to confirm that the work performed abides by the safety and technical standards of the building regulations. This practice ultimately leads to a streamlined process.

  • Platinum Promise

The Platinum Promise is a safety net for entities involving a NICEIC-approved electrical contractor and finding its work non-compliant with industry standards. Customers are assured of an insurance-backed guarantee. When such a situation evolves, they have every right to approach the same contractor for remedial work at no additional cost. In case it’s not possible, under the Platinum Promise, they can hire an alternative contractor for free up to the value of £25,000 on every installation. This is valid for 6 years from the date of electrical work completion.

  • Up-to-Date Training

When working with a NICEIC-approved electrician, you can be sure of hiring a professional equipped with the latest tools of the trade and completely aware of safety protocols. With the certification body controlling the electrical contracting industry, property owners are assured of trained electricians with skillsets evolving to meet industry standards.

  • Expertise and knowledge

Electrical testers, repairers and installers approved by NICEIC have the necessary expertise to conduct all types of electrical work, not only limited to residential but also commercial. Being exposed to years of electrical installations, repairs and maintenance jobs, they have developed an in-depth understanding of complicated electrical systems and ways to rectify issues.

  • End-to-End Solutions

An electrician approved by the NICEIC exhibits competence and confidence in undertaking a variety of electrical tasks, be they circuit breaker repairs, power shower installations, electrical fault finding, or simply catering to electrical emergencies in Loughton. In other words, the professional handles electrical installation as swiftly as maintenance tasks and makes way for customisations to meet unique electrical needs.

Looking at all the benefits above, there is no doubt that it’s essential to partner with a team of NICEIC-approved electricians for electrical services.

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