When it comes to household electrical issues, you need to resolve them as quickly as possible. More than 20,000 house fires are caused by electrical problems each year in the UK and it is important that you prevent this from happening to your home. It’s bad enough to lose everything in your home, but there is also a risk to your family.

What are the most common electrical issues that occur in UK homes?

Electrical Surges

There are several reasons these may occur, including factors inside and outside the home. A lightning strike or a damaged electricity line may cause one, but faulty wiring is also a potential risk. The surges cause a leap in the amount of energy running through the cables in your home.

Power surges can cause devices connected to the electrical grid to die faster. You should have an electrician check the system and ensure that your home is protected.

Exposed Wires

Are any of the wires exposed in your home? This can be very dangerous and may result in a shock. The electrical box is one area where you may find multiple uncovered wires and this can be quite dangerous, with a risk of electrocution.

Circuit Breakers

Do your circuit breakers trip frequently? This often happens when you plug in more than one high-powered appliance and you should note that this is often something that can be fixed. You will need an electrician to check the wiring and ensure that it can handle the current that is required. You may need some adjustments made or a complete overhaul on your wiring.

Electrical Shocks

 In some cases, you may get an electric shock from outlets or a switch. This is more common in older buildings where the system is not up to modern standards. The problem may be with either the device being used or the wiring in the wall. It’s best to bring in an electrician to determine what the issue is.

Overloaded Lights

 If your light fixture has been set up with a fitting that uses more power than the socket was designed for, you can end up with high temperatures and sparks. It can result in a fire and the wiring is often damaged, even if you resolve the problem. This is usually an issue only in older homes where the fixtures were originally meant for lower wattages.

While these issues are common, that doesn’t mean you should live with them. In fact, it’s best to bring in an electrician to ensure your wiring is safe.

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